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01-27-03 Coleman, Oklahoma

The Presiding Bishop of Holy Cross Anglican Communion, His Grace, Bishop Jeffrey Cottingame, celebrated recently, with his wife Janna, the birth of their third son, Jonas Lynn. Jonas was born at home in Coleman Oklahoma with the assistance of Midwife Hilary Fernandez. Shortly after birth Jonas began to suffer complications with breathing. He was subsequently hospitilized for 7 days. Jonas was baptized on January 1, 2003 using the form for baptism in case of emergency found in the 1928 BCP. Officiating at his baptism was Bishop Cottingame assisted by Fr. Benjamin Witt, assistant rector of Christ Our Savior Anglican Church in Denison, TX. Mother and Baby are doing well now. Jonas is home with Mom, Dad and his two brothers. The Cottingame family is greatful to all of those who have kept Jonas in their daily prayers.

02-06-01 USA

After a month of official merger with another conservative Anglican communion known as CAUSE, the Bishops of Holy Cross Anglican Communion voted overwhelmingly to dissolve the merger. HCAC has reorganized and established a new web-page and chosen a new logo. The logo will be the shield of St. George. The HCAC new webpage can be found at

11-25-01 Denison, TX

Christ Our Savior Anglican Church, a parish of the Holy Cross Anglican Communion, elected it's first parish vestry board on sunday November 25, 2001. Gary L. Cottingame and Larry Shelton were nominated by parish members and unanamously elected to the parish vestry board. Mr. Cottingame and Mr. Shelton bring years of business, property upkeep, and spiritual experience to Christ Our Saviour Church. The parish vestry board will be made up of these two men and the rector, Bishop Jeffrey Cottingame. It will be responsible for the day to day operations of the parish as well as grounds upkeep. Also accomplished at the church business meeting was the establishment of a ladies auxillary which will be responsible for various parish duties.

11-22-01 Des Moines, Iowa

Hope Ministries will be serving over 600 meals to the needy in the Des Moines Iowa area this Thanksgiving Holiday. Half of these meals will be delivered directly to homes. This blessed event will all take place between Noon and 1:30pm. Rev. Fr. Donald Barnhill, a priest of the Central Diocese of the Holy Cross Anglican Communion, is a chaplain of Bethel Mission and will be participating in the event.

11-20-01 HCAC, USA and Canada

The Holy Cross Anglican Communion Vestry Board voted unanamously to seek communion status with the Order of Servants of Christ. Br. John-Anthony who is the Abbot of the order serves also as a priest of the Western Diocese of the HCAC. The offer when made was accepted by both the Abbot and the Prior of the order. HCAC clergy may enter the order as a novice having bypassed the postulancy phase of formation in the order.

10-30-01 Williamsburg, VA

A multi-sacramental service was held in the home of Rev. Fr. John P. Johnston, D.D. on October 30, 2001. The service included two baptisms, a wedding, three blessings accompanied by anointing with oil, and a quiet candle light mass. Twelve people were in attendance of this home service. Fr. John is an ordained priest of the Holy Cross Anglican Communion.

10-27-01 Chichester, England

Holy Cross Seminary Professor of Sacred Music Fr. Michael Walsh has recently had the privilege of composing music for a grand charity concert celebrating the 40th anniversary of the British Heart Foundation. Fr. Michael composed two large scale choral works which were performed in Chichester Cathedral on Saturday 27th October. The first one for unaccompanied choir featured five poems by the late 17th century Anglican Bishop Henry King. The second set, scored for soprano solo, choir and orchestra, used early poetry about love by the first world war poet Rupert Brooke. Although unusual for Fr Michael to write 'secular' music, the concert raised over 5000 for the charity, furthering God's healing work amongst His people.

09-24-01 USA

A week long vestry board meeting of the Holy Cross Anglican Communion has culminated in the adoption of a new name. Holy Cross Anglican Communion was formerly known as Holy Cross Episcopal Church. A majority vote of the vestry board made the name change final. The reasons for the name change were many. First, to better describe the nature of the denomination. Secondly, the change helps to avoid confusion about the church name.

08-22-01 New Rochelle, NY

Holy Cross Seminary, based in New Rochelle, NY is gearing up for the class of 2002. Beginning January 1, 2002, the first doctoral class of seminary students will begin work on their Doctor of Sacred Theology (S.T.D.) degrees. The degree is scheduled to take one year of study for successful completion. It will consist of four courses and is open to all HCEC clergy and laity who are interested in the study of theology. Textbooks for the courses should be purchased in advance. The first course that will be studied is called "The Four Gospels". This begining course will last from January through March. Holy Cross Seminary is the first of its' kind. It charges no tuition and no fees. The only expenses are that of textbooks. Registration for the S.T.D. must be done in advance with the Chancellor of Holy Cross Seminary, The Rt. Rev. Bruce D. Campbell. The instructor for the course will be The Most Rev. William E. Conner.

08-22-01 Des Moines, Iowa

Hope Ministries of Des Moines, Iowa recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the merger that brought about its' creation. Hope Ministries grew out of a merger between Bethel Mission and Door of Faith Mission, both of the Des Moines area. These two ministries merged with the commitment to provide a "continuum of care" between the two facilities. They minister to the poor and the homeless of the community by providing emergency food and shelter and helping to find them transitional housing and independent living. Rev. Fr. Donald Barnhill, an HCEC Priest in the Central Diocese and Chaplain of Hope Ministries stated, "I have never been more excited about what I deem to be the "purest" form of ministry."

08-18-01 Dallas, TX

Bishop Elect Jeffrey Cottingame is consecrated by Bishop William Conner at the Parker College of Chiropractic Chapel in Dallas, TX. Following the ceremony Bishop Cottingame layed hands on Bishop Conner elevating him to Archbishop following the reading of the proclamation of his election to the office. The election was held and certified on the 17th day of August. Bishop Bruce Campell of New Rochelle, NY was in charge of collecting votes.

08-12-01 Denison, TX

Fr. Jeffrey Cottingame observed Holy Communion today for the first time in the newly established Christ our Savior Episcopal Church in Denison, TX. The church building served as a Full Gospel and Pentecostal Chruch for 30 years and became vacant 3 years ago. Twenty-two were in attendance for this inagural mass.

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